ICC Catalog and Student Handbook
2024 to 2025
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The Catalog and Student Handbook is a helpful tool for all students. It contains:

·         Admission requirements, career information, and the courses required for each Illinois Central College degree and certificate.

·         The description for each course.

·         Information on student support services.

·         Information on student policies, rights, and responsibilities.

·         A list of full-time faculty and administration with their credentials.

Follow the links to explore everything that is in the Curriculum Catalog and Student Handbook.

Catalog Curriculum

The Catalog Curriculum including degree requirements, program layouts, and course descriptions was published online March 1, 2024, effective for Fall 2024 to Summer 2025. Curriculum information is effective for anyone under the Fall 2024 or Spring 2025 Catalog of Record. Updates and corrections after publication can be found on the Catalog Addendum page. For changes, the effective term will be listed. 

Catalog Policy and Procedures and Student Handbook

The College policies and procedures in the Catalog and Student Handbook will be published with the Catalog Curriculum information but may be updated prior to the start of the next Academic Year based on state, federal, or other requirements. All information in this Catalog and Student Handbook will be effective for the Fall 2024 to Summer 2025. Any changes made after the start of the Fall term will be effective dated. 

Previous Catalogs

Your catalog of record is the catalog that goes in effect at the time you choose your program or area of study. If you need to view a prior catalog you can view them here or click below to go directly to the page: icc.edu/catalog-of-record

Catalog Disclaimer

This catalog is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a contract. Illinois Central College has made every reasonable effort to determine this catalog is accurate when published. However, the College reserves the right to change, modify, or alter without notice all fees, charges, tuition, expenses, and costs of any kind and further reserves the right to add or delete without notice any course offering or information contained in this catalog, including the rules controlling admission to, instruction in, and graduation from College or its various divisions. Such changes become effective whenever the College deems necessary and apply not only to prospective students but also to those currently enrolled.

Although we created this catalog with great care, we may have missed something. If you find what appears to be an error, please contact: Office of the Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs • (309) 694-5784 • academic.affairs@icc.edu