Catalog Curriculum Addendum

Below are listed additions and corrections to the Curriculum portion of the 2023 to 2024 Catalog of Record since its publication on March 3, 2023. All items listed below have been made in the online catalog sections to which they apply. Links to the relevant pages have been provided.

This page was last updated on 7/24/2023.


New Program for Fall 2023:
program Certificate
program Associate in Applied Science
program Certificate

New Courses for Fall 2023:


Courses Revised for Fall 2023:
course (title)
course (title)

Program Revised for Fall 2023:
Removed accreditation statement from program AAS and program Certificate.

Other Revisions for Fall 2023:
Updated Dental Hygienist Program Director from Cathleen Korondi to Nicole Breidel: Accreditation

Corrected department email on program