Departmental Administration and Faculty
Academic Departments

Agricultural and Industrial Technologies (AIT)

Dean of Agricultural and Industrial Technologies, King, Dana EdD, Benedictine University

Albertsen, Ron BA, Eastern Illinois University

Imm, Trevor AAS, Illinois Central College

Baechler, Nikki MS, University of Illinois

Joos, Jeff AAS, Illinois Central College

Baggett, John MS, Western Illinois University

Keefauver, Kyle AAS, Illinois Central College

Bailey, A. Marc BS, Southern Illinois University

Lehman, Blake MS, University of Illinois

Branan, Robert MEd/BSMFE, University of Illinois

Matthews, R. Mark AAS, Illinois Central College

Brown, Corinne MS, Southern Illinois University

Poelker, Tim MA, University of Illinois-Springfield

Campbell, Colin BS, Montana State University

Rippey, Curt AAS, Illinois Central College

Fandel, Peter MS, University of Illinois

Runser, John BS, Southern Illinois University

Flinn, Steven MS, University of Southern Mississippi

Smith, Tyler, AAS, Illinois Central College

Flinn, Zack International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers,

Journeyman Apprenticeship

Weaver, Brian BS, Ferris State University

Fortier, Todd BA, Eastern Illinois University

Wester, Thomas MS, Pittsburg State University

Grebner, Grant MS, University of Illinois

Wier, Matt BA, Northern Illinois University

Arts and Behavioral Sciences (ABS)

Interim Dean of Arts and Behavioral Sciences, Steve Combs PhD, University of Southern California

Asbury, Bryan MS, Illinois State University

Hedemann, Debra MS, Indiana State University

Chianakas, Joseph MA, North Dakota State University

Jones, Anthony MA, Western Illinois University

Clemens, Julie PhD, Illinois State University

Kelts, Daniel MA, Bradley University

Cordell-Brunton, Maxine PhD, University of Illinois-Urbana

Phelps-Clayton, Mary MS, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville

Costa, Jennifer MFA, East Carolina University

Roe, Kim MA, Northwestern University

Ensley, Colleen MS, St. Louis University

Sibrel, Paulette MS, Florida State University

Foster-Campbell, Megan PhD, University of Illinois

Smit, David MA, Bradley University

Frautschi, Laurel MA, Appalachian State University

Stamm, Jon MA, University of Illinois-Chicago

Funke, Kelly EdD, Argosy University

Tuccillo, Anita MFA, University of Notre Dame

Gauthier, Christopher MFA, Ohio University

Tuccillo, John MA, University of New Mexico

Goken, M. Brent MA, Eastern Illinois University

Wyse-Fisher, Dustin MS, Illinois State University

Business, Legal, and Information Systems (BLIS)

Dean of Business, Legal, and Information Systems, Weghorst, Michelle MA, University of Illinois-Springfield

Al-Hashemi, Rafeeq PhD, School of Technology, Iraq

Saatkamp, Adam PhD, Illinois State University

Dean, Dorothy MEd, Northern Illinois University

Shank, Keith BS, Western Illinois University

Hawthorne, Kimberly MSE, Illinois State University

Smyrniotis, Andrianna Ed.D Illinois State University

Higgins, Thomas JD, John Marshall Law School

Son, Youngju PhD, Wayne State University

Kowalczyk, Raymond MS, Northern Illinois University

Spengler, Jennifer MS, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

Kelly, Dan PhD, Illinois State University

Stauthammer, Denise MS, Illinois State University

Nasr, Raoul PhD, University of Illinois-Urbana

Swanson, Paul MS & MBA, Bradley University

Paulsen, Scott JD & MBA, University of Iowa

Tripp, Shari MBA, Illinois State University

Robertson, Charles AAS, Kendall College

Wells, Kevin MSE, Illinois State University

Health Careers (HC)

Dean of Health Careers, Guth, Wendee MS, University of Illinois-Chicago

Associate Dean of Nursing, Monagle, Mischelle MSN, MBA, University of Phoenix

Balsimo, Jennifer BS, Franklin University

Ogborn, Alissa MSN, Chamberlain University

Bisanz, Liane MS, University of Illinois-Chicago

Oliverius, Reva BS, Midstate College

Breidel, Nicole BS, Southern Illinois University

Palmieri, Kara MSN, Bradley University

Condit, Cydney BS, Midstate College

Plack, Sarah BS, Adventist University of Health Sciences

Cregger, May Beth, MS, Walden University

Punke, Terri MSN, St. Francis Medical Center College of Nursing

Dant, Michael BS, Eastern Illinois University

Reese, Beth MSN, St. Francis Medical Center College of Nursing

Empson, Cathy MS, University of Illinois

Schaffer, Sondra BS, Bellevue University

Feeny, Julie MS, University of Indianapolis

Semelroth, Sharon MSN, Illinois State University

Gallagher, Michael MS, St. Francis College of Nursing

Shadley, Tina BSN, Western Governor's University

Grebner, Leah PhD, Walden University

Sherman, Brittany MSN, Southern Illinois University

Gold-Pearce, Alice BS, State University of New York

Singleton, Suzanne MS, Chamberlain College of Nursing

Haines, Jennifer MS, University of St. Francis

Strow, Vincent MA, Loyola University

Hipple, Betsy MSN, Western Governors University

Tatham, April MS, Western Illinois University

Hammer, William MA, University of Phoenix

Thomas, Nikita, MS, Methodist College

Irrera, Michael BS, University of South Alabama

Vance, Lindsay, BS Bradley University

Kneip, Sarah MS, APN, Olivet Nazarene University

VanDeRostyne, Tyler MSN, Herzing University

LaBello, Lari BSN, Bradley University

Walder, Brittany MSN, Southern Illinois University

Moore, Valerie MS, University of Illinois-Chicago

Zimmerman, Sarah MSN, OSF College of Nursing

Humanities (HUM)

Dean of Humanities, Oliver, Lonetta PhD, St. Louis University

Aitken, Nicole PhD, Illinois State University

James, Aaron PhD, University of Dayton

Ames, Megan MA, University of Chicago

Richrath, Jennifer MA, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville

Bonvicini, Andrew MA, University of Loyola Chicago

Sanders, Susan EdM, University of Illinois-Urbana

Christian, Eric MS, Oklahoma State University

Sullivan, James PhD, University of Illinois

Decker, James PhD, Northern Illinois University

Thompson, David PhD, The Ohio State University

Dinkins, Shari MA, San Francisco State University

Vance, Margot MS, Illinois State University

Dougherty Deborah MS, Illinois State University

Vargas, Titania ME, Carthage College

Grunow, Melissa MFA, National University

Weber, Eric PhD, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Hopp, Jennifer MA, Eastern Illinois University

Wilson, Deborah PhD, University of California-Irvine

Math, Science and Engineering (MSE)

Dean of Math, Science and Engineering, Bergman, Joseph MS, Illinois State University

Armon, John MS, University of Missouri-Rolla

Oliver, Michael MS, Western Illinois University

Baila, Carmen MS, Portland State University

O’Brien, Cara MS, Illinois State University

Bomer, Megan MS, Illinois State University

O’Hanlon, Wendy PhD, Illinois State University

Carrico, Elizabeth MS, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

Peterson, Dawn Ed.D, Bradley University

Constable, Jeffrey MS, Mississippi State University

Portscheller, Steven MS, Bradley University

David, Pradeepa MS, Illinois State University

Resnick, Cheryl Emerson MS, Northern Arizona University

Fenner, Jennifer MS, Bradley University

Rose, Brad PhD, University of Oregon

Gavino, Pia PhD, Cornell University

Rush, Yolanda MS, Michigan Technological University

Goode, Amy MS, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

Spielman, Joseph MA, Eastern Illinois University

Grote, Jennifer MS, University of Michigan

Stermer, Edward MS, University of Iowa

Halvorsen, Troy PhD, University of Florida

Tahir, Fereja MA, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Haner, Thomas PhD, University of Oklahoma

Thannum, Kelly MS, Illinois State University

Harris, Philip MS, Purdue University

Varadarajan, Vijayalakshmi PhD, University of Kentucky

Jacobson Flex, Kristin MS, Illinois State University

Vietti, Kimberly MS, Bradley University

Lakshminarayan, Ganesh PhD, Iowa State University

Ward, Patrick MA, University of Kentucky

Mays, Elizabeth MS, Illinois State University

Welsch, Deanna MS, Southeast Missouri State University

Mellendorf, Kenneth PhD, University of Illinois

Wrigley, Jennifer MS, Illinois State University

Meridan, Joseph MS, Bradley University

Academic Affairs

Dean of Curriculum and Scheduling, Gehrig, Stacy MS, Eastern Illinois University

Dean of Faculty Development and Learning Innovation, Kaufman, Cathryne MS, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Student Services

Dean of Enrollment Services, Points, Emily EdD, Ferris State University

Dean of Students, Daxenbichler, Amy, MA and MBA, Bradley University

Workforce and Diversity Division

Dean of College and Career Readiness (C & CR), Kamilah Williams, Ed.D, Bradley University

Dean of Corporate and Community Education (CCED), Howar, Julie MBA, William Woods University

Faculty Senate Officers

James Decker, President

Kimberly Vietti, Vice President


Dr. Sheila Quirk-Bailey, President, DM, University of Maryland University College

Budde, Bruce, Executive Vice President for Administration and Finance, CPA, MBA, University of Illinois-Springfield

Swaim, Charles, Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs, EdD, University of Phoenix

Armstrong, Kim, Vice President of Marketing and Institutional Advancement, BS, Bradley University

Neidy, Jon C., Interim Vice President of Student Success, Ph.D., Illinois State University

Shaw, Arnitria, Vice President of Workforce, Diversity, and Career Development, MA, St. Xavier University

Schimmel, Kari, Associate Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness & Innovation, EdD, Northern Illinois University

Julie Taylor, Executive Director of Human Resources, BS, Western Illinois University

Holmes, Stephanie, Executive Director of Educational Foundation, MA, Lincoln Christian University

Cook, David, Executive Director of Institutional Research and Planning, MS, University of Illinois-Springfield

Nachtrieb, Paula, Executive Director Workforce Operations, EdS, Western Illinois University

Board of Trustees, As of August 2023

Dr. Bettsey L. Barhorst

Cindy Byrd

Carl Cannon

Kelly Daniels

Paula Davis

Diane M. (Unes) Lamb

Gale Thetford

Cassie Keller- Student Representative