Emergency Response Guide

For the full guide visit: https://icc.edu/campus/campus-police/emergency-guide/

In Case of Emergency

  1. Get to a safe place, then notify Campus Police by calling (309) 694-5111 or by using your Rave Guardian app.

  2. Identify yourself and provide as much information as you can including location and descriptions of any suspects, weapons, and vehicles.

Campus Police have the responsibility to notify proper personnel. Upon arriving at the scene, Campus Police will take charge.

Rave Guardian Mobile Safety App

Everyone at ICC is encouraged to enhance their personal safety by downloading the free Rave ICC Guardian app, a free mobile safety app for smart phones.

The Guardian app is a direct connection to the ICC Campus Police Department emergency phone line. It eliminates the need to find the emergency number when seconds count.

Guardian also give you the ability to text with Campus Police. Crime tips or other information can be submitted (anonymously, if desired) and photos can be attached to the text. A Campus Police dispatcher will respond to all incoming text messages.

Additionally, Guardian contains an ICC phone directory and ICC website links. With the directory, you can look up and call various ICC departments right from the app. The website links feature opens a browser and takes you directly to specific ICC web pages of interest.

Emergency Call Locations

Call boxes directly linked to the Campus Police Department are located in several walkway areas of the East Peoria Campus, Campus Housing, and the Peoria Campus. Many outside call boxes can be identified by a lighted blue pillar. Call boxes/phones are also located in all elevators and at various exterior doors on all campuses.

Fire Alarm

An alert tone followed by verbal instruction and flashing strobe lights indicates a fire emergency.

  1. Everyone must evacuate the building in an orderly manner. Do not use elevators unless directed to do so by emergency responders.

  2. Immediately after exiting the building, East Peoria Campus students proceed directly to the main parking lots. Peoria and Pekin Campus students proceed to the nearest parking lot.


An alert tone followed by verbal instructions or activation of a local Tornado Siren indicates a confirmed tornado sighting near the campus.

  1. Seek shelter inside a substantial building. If there is no shelter nearby, lie flat in a ditch or low spot with hands shielding your head.

  2. Listen for and follow instructions announced over public address systems.

  3. Move into an interior hallway on the lowest level away from glass doors and windows as much as possible. (View the ICC Emergency Response Guide online to see a list of designated areas to seek shelter.)

  4. College personnel should remain in the area with the people under their supervision until authorized personnel advise an all clear.

Sexual Violence

If a crime of sexual violence (including sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking) occurs on campus, Campus Police should be notified immediately. If you have experienced a crime of sexual violence, you have several rights and a variety of options available to you including:

  1. To seek medical attention.

  2. To utilize confidential resources.

  3. To report or not report what happened to the police, and to receive assistance from ICC in doing so.

  4. To report or not report what happened to ICC.

  5. To request interim measures from ICC, regardless of whether you file a formal complaint.

  6. To pursue a formal complaint process at ICC.

  7. To seek civil and campus protective orders.

  8. To be accompanied to campus meetings by a person of your choosing.

More information on Title IX/Sexual Misconduct, including options for confidential reporting, can be found at https://icc.edu/title-ix/ of by contacting the Title IX/Civil Rights Equity Coordinator at title9@icc.edu or (309)694-8460.

Important Numbers 


(309) 694-5111

ICC Counseling Center

(309) 694-5281

Rape Crisis Line

(309) 694-4111

Peoria Police

(309) 673-4521

East Peoria Police

(309) 698-4700

Pekin Police

(309) 346-3132

Emergency Response Guide

For further information regarding emergencies, evacuation procedures, and violent active shooter situations, view the ICC Emergency Response Guide online at https://icc.edu/campus/campus-police/emergency-guide/.