All Emergencies • (309) 694-5111
Lost and Found • (309) 694-5223
East Peoria Campus Room 105A • (309) 694-5223
Peoria Campus Arbor Hall A02D • (309) 694-5223
Pekin Campus Main Office 101 • (309) 694-5223

The mission of the officers and employees of the ICC Campus Police Department is to provide a safe and secure learning and work environment for our students, staff, faculty, and visitors.

The Campus Police Department and Dispatch Center are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Armed, sworn ICC Police Officers have the same responsibility and authority as county and municipal police officers, including the power to make arrests and issue citations.

For a list of ICC Police Department services, visit the Campus Police website at

Annual Campus Police Safety and Fire Report

In compliance with the Federal Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act of 1998 (formerly the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990) and the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008, the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report is accessible on the Illinois Central College website,, upon request at any Campus Police Department, and from the Dean of Students Office. This report contains detailed information covering a broad range of topics, including campus safety and security services, crime prevention policies, campus crime statistics, emergency response actions, and fire safety related information and statistics.

Authority of Campus Police Officers

Sworn Campus Police Officers are armed and have the same authority as County and Municipal Police Officers, including the power to make arrests and issue citations.


The Campus Police Department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide its services, including:

  • Security and patrol of campus buildings and grounds

  • Operation of a communication center for the College

  • Enforcement of college, local, state, and federal laws, ordinances, and regulations

  • Traffic and parking control; traffic crash reporting

  • Criminal and general incident reporting and investigation

  • Personal safety escorts

  • Emergency medical assistance

  • Emergency notifications

Lost and Found

The Campus Police Department maintains a “Lost and Found” on all campuses.

Campus Emergency Procedures

In case of an emergency immediately call Campus Police at (309) 694-5111 or 5111 from an on-campus land-line phone, or;

Talk or text with police dispatchers using the ICC Guardian app, which is now available for your cell phone. All students and employees are encouraged to download the app now so one-touch calling is available in case of an emergency. Download the app by searching “Rave Guardian” in your app store.

In case of a fire, there will be an audible alert and flashing strobe lights followed by verbal instructions indicating a fire emergency requiring you to immediately evacuate the building.

If a tornado is sighted near the campus, there will be an audible alert followed by verbal instructions and/or a sounding of area Civil Defense sirens. Immediately seek shelter in the nearest location until given an “all clear” signal. Recommended areas to seek shelter are listed in the Campus Police Emergency Response Guide online.

For further information regarding various emergency situations, go to the Campus Police Emergency Response Guide online at

Emergency Alerts

ICC’s MyAlert system provides free emergency and other notifications through emails, text messages, and voice messaging. You will always receive these alerts at your official ICC email. Please regularly check your ICC student email. If you listed a landline or cell phone in your MyICC account, the system also calls those numbers with emergency notifications. If you have texting capabilities, you will also receive a text message. If you do not want to receive text messages, you may turn off that function in your MyAlert account. For more information about changing your preferences in the MyAlert system, sign in to your account at

Emergency Campus Closings

Classes will meet as scheduled unless inclement weather or other emergency circumstances create conditions which necessitate closing the College. Faculty, staff, and students will be notified of the closing as soon as possible through the ICC MyAlert system; through the following radio/television stations: WMBD-TV Channel 31, WHOI- TV Channel 19, WEEK-TV Channel 25, WCBU 89.9 FM; and on ICC’s website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

Free Speech and Expression

Procedures related to free speech and expression for students and the public: These procedures apply to the College’s campuses and sites, but can be adopted for use at other facilities operated by the College. These Procedures are not intended to discriminate against any expressive activity on the basis of content; rather, the Procedures set forth the College’s practices to regulate the time, place, and manner under which ideas may be expressed, without disrupting the College’s educational mission or the rights of its students. The College reserves all rights to prohibit or take action against such unprotected forms of expression.

Weapons and Firearms Policy

In accordance with the ICC Board of Trustees’ authority and the Illinois Firearm Concealed Carry Act, ICC’s Weapons on Campus and Firearm Concealed Carry Policy establishes the College’s weapons and firearms-free status at all campus locations. This policy applies to all employees, students, persons conducting business on campus, and visitors, even if the person has a valid federal or state license to possess a weapon or firearm.

Violations of this policy may result in arrest and prosecution. For complete details of ICC’s Weapons on Campus and Firearm Concealed Carry Policy, go to

Missing Campus Housing Residents

Persons with reason to believe a student living at Campus Housing is missing should immediately contact the Campus Police Department at (309) 694-5111. Campus Police will generate a missing person report and initiate an investigation. If a student has registered a contact person, the institution will notify that person no later than 24 hours after the student has been officially determined as missing. If a student is under 18 years of age and not emancipated, the contact person as well as the custodial parent or guardian shall be contacted. The College shall notify the East Peoria Police Department within 24 hours of a determination that any student who lives at Campus Housing is missing.

Students living at Campus Housing may register one or more individuals to be a contact person strictly for missing person purposes with Campus Police Department office on the East Peoria Campus, Room 105A, between 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on regular business days. This information will be kept confidential and may be accessed only by authorized campus and law enforcement officials for the purpose of a missing student investigation.


Violators are subject to parking-related fines in accordance with College policies and state laws. See the College Regulations Policy section for further information.

East Peoria Campus
Students may park in unregulated parking areas in Lots A, B, F, G, and near Dirksen Hall. Students are prohibited from parking in any blue-striped staff parking spaces and staff parking Lots E and CC at all times.

Students may park in Lot C, but only after 4:00 p.m. Except for the use of designated 30-minute parking spaces, students are prohibited from parking in Visitor Parking Lot V. This applies to all students taking online or in-person classes on any campus on any day.

Unauthorized vehicles may be towed.

Designated 15-minute parking spaces are located in Lot E and near the loading dock for loading/unloading heavy or bulky material. Designated 30-minute parking spaces are located in College Circle and in the Visitor Lot for use by any individual.

Peoria Campus and Pekin Campus
Ample free parking is provided at the Peoria Campus and Pekin Campus. No special tags or stickers are required, except for designated “Disability” parking.

Persons with Disabilities 
Designated parking is available in lots on all campuses and is reserved for qualified individuals clearly displaying authorized disability license plates and/or disability placards.

Temporary disability parking passes (for a maximum of seven days) may be obtained from Campus Police. These passes are given for walking disabilities such as temporary use of crutches, foot surgery, etc. Those requiring passes in excess of seven days are to obtain a disability license plate and/or placard from the Illinois Secretary of State

Sex Offender Registration
To be in compliance with the Illinois Sex Offender Registration Act, as amended January 1, 2012, convicted sex offenders required to register with law enforcement are also required to register in person with the ICC Campus Police Department within three days of the beginning of each semester they are enrolled at ICC. Students who fail to register are in violation of the registration act and face arrest and dismissal from the College. Further information can be found in the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report (ICC Clery Act Report) at

Smoke Free and Tobacco Free Campus
Illinois State law required ALL college campuses to be smoke free and tobacco free starting July 1, 2015. Illinois Central College’s Smoke Free and Tobacco Free Policy prohibits the carrying, using, burning, inhaling, or exhaling of tobacco product, including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, pipes, cigarillos, smokeless tobacco, chew, snuff, herbs, hookah-smoked products, cannabis (including medical marijuana), and all forms of e-cigarettes or personal vaporizers. For more information, visit

Students in violation of the law are subject to a College Regulations Violation Notice and/or other disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by the ICC administration. Visitors and members of the public in violation of the policy may be required to leave the campus.

For more information on ICC’s Smoke Free and Tobacco Free Campus and smoking cessation classes and workshops, visit

Vehicle Assistance

If your vehicle is disabled, please raise the hood if appropriate and notify the Campus Police Department for assistance. Please note the letter and number on the closest light pole or another prominent landmark when calling for assistance. Campus police may assist with battery jumps, lock outs, and related needs (no changing tires or mechanical work).

For parked vehicles, headlights left on may be turned off by an officer if the car is unlocked. If locked, efforts will be taken to locate the owner.

Safety Tips

  • Immediately report all crimes and/or suspicious behavior to the Campus Police Department.

  • Do not leave personal items unattended, and always lock your vehicle doors, keep the windows shut, and keep valuables out of sight.

  • Report lost or stolen checks, debit/credit cards, and cellphones to the appropriate companies. Keep a list of your credit card account numbers in a safe place in order to report them.

  • Use the “buddy system” when leaving classes late in the evening. Call Campus Police for escorts.

  • If you discover a crime scene, do not touch anything. Get to a safe place and notify Campus Police immediately.

  • Constantly play the “what if” game to think about what you would do in a threatening situation. This will help prepare you to respond instinctively when a threat is encountered.

If You Are Attacked                                                                 

  • Go with your instincts but be realistic about your ability to fight off someone; your instinct may be to run, scream, kick, hit, or bite.

  • Your goal should be to escape safely and survive; cooperate if you think that resisting may lead to further harm. If a person with a weapon confronts you and wants your vehicle or property, don’t resist. Give up your property and save your life.

  • Try to remember as many details as you can and alert Campus Police as soon as possible.

Campus Maps

For Maps of any of the Illinois Central College Campuses visit Campus Maps, Hours, and Parking on the ICC website.