Academic Support Services

East Peoria Library • (309) 694-5768
Peoria Campus Student Center • (309) 690-6833

Academic support is available through the Library, Academic Support Center, Studio, and Supplemental Instruction to ensure academic success. A complete listing of academic support can be found on the ICC website at For information about specific services including contact information, locations, and availability visit the specific support service page link.

Access Services

East Peoria Campus Room L220 • (309) 694-5749
Peoria Campus Arbor Hall A02D • (309) 690-6945

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Office for Access Services assists students with disabilities in obtaining reasonable accommodations to access their classes and the campus. ICC offers support services to students with varying disabilities including health, physical, psychological, sensory, learning, and temporary disabilities.

Accommodative services and adaptive equipment are available based on individual student needs. Services include interpreting, peer note-taking assistance, adaptive equipment, assistance with contacting publishers for textbooks in alternate format, enlargements, tactile graphing of papers, Braille equipment and translation software, and special testing accommodations for classes. The office provides advisement and consultation to students. Tutoring is available for students in the Learning Labs. Students with disabilities seeking academic accommodations should provide written documentation of their disability from appropriate professionals with recommendations for the types of accommodations needed.

The office provides advisement and consultation to students. Further information regarding specific documentation requirements and procedures may be found on the ICC website at

Students needing information on accessible parking should contact Campus Police.

Power four-wheel scooters are available for general use at the Peoria Campus and East Peoria Campus. Individuals having mobility needs may check out a scooter from the information desk on a first-come, first-served basis. A photo ID is needed for checkout.


East Peoria Campus, Room L201 • (309) 694-5207
Peoria Campus Elm Student Center • (309) 690-6804
Website:; Email:

The Illinois Central College Bookstore carries a variety of textbooks, study aids, school supplies, and art supplies. The Bookstore will special order any book not in stock. A wide selection of college apparel, book bags, and gifts are also available. ICC gift cards are available for purchase in any denomination. Please check for hours and additional information.

Prior to the start of each semester, students have the opportunity to purchase textbooks online through the Bookstore’s website. Orders must be prepaid using VISA, MasterCard or Discover. Financial aid, scholarships and grants can also be used as a method of payment to prepay for online orders. Check the Bookstore’s website for specific dates and more information on online ordering.

All students paying by check, renting a textbook, or using a bookstore charge account will be required to show their ICC student ID. Students can obtain an ID at the Customer Service Desk inside the Bookstore. The first ID is free, and any ID that is lost or stolen will be replaced for a $10 fee.

The Bookstore offers a growing list of textbook rentals that can provide a savings of up to 50%. Textbooks are pulled by the bookstore staff to ensure every student has the correct books needed for their classes. A copy of your class schedule is required to get your books. Drop off your schedule at the textbook counter, located at the front of the store, and your books will be pulled in a timely manner. You can obtain a copy of your schedule at the kiosk next to the textbook counter.

Full refunds on textbooks are allowed when the textbook meets the return guidelines. The books must be in the same condition as when purchased. Returns require the original cash register receipt. Refer to the back of the receipt or the Bookstore’s website for exact refund dates. Book Buyback takes place during final exam week. Only books in good condition and those that will be used the following semester at Illinois Central College will be considered for “buyback”. The Bookstore can only buy a limited number of each book. The number is set based on the course enrollment for the next semester the course is offered. Books can be sold to wholesale book companies year-round, either through an online or an in-store database. Buyback, of any kind, is never a guarantee! For more information on buyback, please refer to the bookstore’s website.

Gift Cards and "Gift of Class"

ICC Bookstore gift cards can be used for any purchase in the Bookstore or at our website. Add an ICC “Gift of Class” to your wish list, or surprise friends or loved ones with a unique and different birthday, anniversary, graduation, or holiday present . . . a college class! Choose a specific class related to their interest or let them choose one to fit their needs. We’ll prepare a gift certificate for an amount chosen by the giver. The certificate can be applied toward a credit class or workshop. You may purchase “Gifts of Class” from the Bookstore.

Campus Dining

For the most up-to-date information on campus dining, please visit

Campus Housing

East Peoria Campus Housing • (309) 698-2088

ICC students have an apartment-style living option on the East Peoria Campus. Campus Housing provides a residential living experience for 330 students. The complex features efficiency, two- and four-bedroom units, social and educational events, and numerous amenities.

Rates include basic cable, local telephone, water, gas, high speed Internet, and an electricity allowance. Most units are fully furnished in both the common area and bedroom. All charges for Campus Housing will be posted to the student’s account.

For more information, contact Campus Housing at (309) 698-2088 or visit

Career Services

East Peoria Campus, Leitch Career Center, Room CC206 • (309) 694-5272
Peoria Campus, Student Center, Room S221 • (309) 690-6972

Career Services has great resources to help you make wise career and educational choices. Stop by the open lab in East Peoria and sign up for a workshop or an 8-week class. Check out the website for career services and resume information, current labor market information, and dates for upcoming programs and workshops. Students and graduates seeking full- or part- time employment off campus are welcome to utilize a full range of services. Register for College Central Network, an online job system for employers, students, and alumni, by going to Free resume and interview workshops are also offered.

Cashing, Check Cashing Services and Bus Pass

The East Peoria Campus Enrollment Services Office and the Peoria Campus provide cashiering services for students and will cash student checks up to $10. The Bookstore will cash checks up to $5 over the amount of purchase.

CityLink bus passes are also available at these locations. ICC students receive discounted CityLink passes when purchased at ICC. Students have the ability to charge a semester pass to financial aid, when funds are available. More information can be found at

Children's Center

East Peoria Campus, Academic Building Rooms 128A, 128B and 129B • (309) 694-5116
Website: Email:

The Children’s Center, located on the East Peoria Campus, provides care and education for students’ children (ages 2 to 5 years and potty-trained) on a full-time, full-day, or part- day basis. Open Monday through Friday, we have standard and reduced rates and also work with students on billing to Child Care Connection, if applicable. Many students also pay for child care through financial aid. The Center has a planned curriculum guided by our experienced and educated teachers, nutritious lunch, snacks, and a daily rest period. We are nationally accredited (NAEYC) and have a Gold Circle of Quality with the State of Illinois.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in the Center, obtain an application from the Children’s Center Manager. The number of children we can accommodate is limited, and parents sign up for the semester. You may also see paperwork online.

ICC offers a Child Care Voucher Assistance Program to support low-income students by supplementing the cost of childcare so students can attend class and focus on their coursework. Students with childcare needs can apply for the voucher to assist with the cost of services at a local, licensed childcare facility or CCAP eligible provides while attending ICC, including the on-site ICC Children’s Center. Additionally, ICC has a partnership with SAL Child Care Connection for an Enhance Referral Program to assist in finding childcare, navigate the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP), and choosing quality childcare in the community. A Referral Specialist is available and ready to guide you in making this important decision. Child Care Connection referrals include a short intake to tailor the referral to meet family needs such as location, siblings together in care, costs, and transportations. * Referrals are not recommendations.

Summer Explorer Camp is available for children 6 to12 years of age for 10 weeks each summer. Registration packets will be available each April. Activities include a provided lunch and snacks, gym time, field trips, exciting art and science, computer time, water play and much more! For information on any of the Children’s Center’s activities, go online to


Computers are available for student use. Phone (309) 694-5457 for more information on computer labs.


East Peoria Campus, Leitch Career Center, Room CC200 • (309) 694-5281
Email: (309)

If, in the pursuit of your education, you encounter problems and experience personal doubts and frustrations that interfere with your ability to function as well as you’d like, help is available.

Personal counseling is available free of charge to current ICC students. Services are completely confidential, and you will be meeting with a professionally trained counselor. Counseling is available on the East Peoria Campus and Peoria Campus. Service hours can be found at

Dental Hygiene Clinic

Peoria Campus, Arbor Hall South, Room AS113 • (309) 690-6999

Dental hygiene care is provided for students and the public for a nominal fee. Services include dental x-rays, dental prophylaxis (cleaning), fluoride treatments, and instruction in dental hygiene care. Upon request, x-rays will be forwarded to your dentist. Call to schedule an appointment.

ID Cards

ICC provides photo student identification cards to all registered students. Students may also obtain an ID card throughout the year at the East Peoria and Peoria Campus Libraries, East Peoria Bookstore, as well as the Enrollment Services office in Arbor Hall at the Peoria Campus.

You can get your student ID at these ICC Locations:

  • East Peoria Campus – Bookstore, Library

  • Peoria Campus – Arbor Hall Registration

You will use your ID card to:

  • Register for classes in person at any ICC campus

  • Check out material from any of the ICC library locations

  • Claim items in the lost and found at the Campus Police Department

  • Use as a reference when you take Scantron tests. (You need to know your student ID number to take Scantron tests. If you haven’t committed the number to memory, you’ll need the ID card for your ID number.)

  • Write a check in the Bookstore

  • Check into any of the Academic Support Centers

  • Charge out books in the Bookstore if you’re receiving financial aid, scholarships, grants, etc.

  • Sell back your books at buyback. Receive discounts for ICC athletic events

  • Get information from your student records

ICC student ID cards are required for any process within the Enrollment Services, Financial Assistance, Academic Advisement, Bookstore, Library, and Academic Support Center.

The initial ID card is free, but there is a fee of $10 for replacement of a card that is lost or stolen. Replacement cards may be obtained in the East Peoria Campus Bookstore or Enrollment Services at the East Peoria or Peoria Campuses.

Information Center

East Peoria Campus Student Services Lobby • (309) 694-5422
Peoria Campus Arbor Hall • (309) 690-6801

Questions? Find out more about College events and events held on campus at the Information Center. Get directions to your dean/associate dean’s office, a copy of the class schedule, or information on the bus schedule.


East Peoria Campus, Room L312 • (309) 694-5355
Peoria Campus Student Center, Room Banwart Library • (309) 690-6837

Many types of learning materials are available. Students are encouraged to make full use of the library’s facilities for study, research, leisure reading, class preparation, and browsing. Students may check out most items for off-campus use; a student ID is required to check out these materials. Professional library assistance is accessible through a variety of ways (in person, via the phone, or online). Detailed information explaining library services, procedures, and guidelines for behavior is available on the webpage. Library services are also available from off campus locations via the library webpage at All ICC libraries have networked computer stations (with printing capabilities) for student completion of classroom assignments.

Media Materials

Media materials are available at both campus library locations. Students may check out video recordings, audio recordings, and other audiovisual programs. A student ID is required to check out and use all materials.


Lockers are available for student use at the East Peoria Campus. The College Bookstore, Room L201, assigns lockers and issues locks. During fall, spring, and summer semesters, a $5 refundable deposit is required for the locker. Lock rental fee is $5 for fall and spring semesters and $3 for summer semester.


(On-Campus and Off-Campus Mail) Mailboxes are located in the Atrium at the East Peoria Campus location, Peoria Campus Arbor Hall reception desk, and ICC Pekin reception desk.


ICC provides all students with user accounts for accessing the ICC computer network, student email, student learning management system (LMS), and online student services systems. This access includes storage of personal data, access to student email, Internet when on campus, LMS access from on or off campus, and access to enrollment/class schedules/transcripts via the Internet. Details on obtaining and using student accounts are available on the Students page of the ICC website at


All new students should attend the New Student Orientation (NSO). The orientation program includes information about College policies and provides a chance to meet ICC faculty and staff and get information about available services and assistance programs on campus. Currently, the program is available in an online format at


With ICC’s “Smart Printing” policy, each ICC student is given 300 pages or $15.00 credit for printing fall and spring semesters; 200 pages or $10.00 for summer semester. Additional pages can be purchased through Enrollment Services at 5¢ per page in increments of 50 pages. Printing accounts are reset each semester; balances will NOT roll over to the next semester. Color printing is available in the Library on the East Peoria Campus.

Smart printing limits print requests to:

  • 10 pages in libraries

  • 20 pages in support labs

  • 24 pages in computer classrooms


Copy machines are located in the East Peoria Campus library (L312) and in Arbor Hall, Room 012F, on the Peoria Campus. Copies are 10¢ each.

Student Employment

On-campus employment opportunities are available for qualifying students. To be eligible to work as a student employee, students must establish they are not actively seeking full-time employment and must be enrolled at Illinois Central College for a minimum of six semester hours for each semester of employment by the College and three semester hours during summer semester.

To qualify for or remain in the student employment program, students must maintain good academic standing as defined by the College’s Academic Standards Policy.

International Students holding a Student Visa are eligible for on-campus employment. Student employees are protected under State and Federal laws in regard to Equal Employment Opportunities and Sexual Harassment.

To learn more about the available student employee positions, visit

Student Lounges and Study Areas

Between classes and during times devoted to study and research, you can relax and meet fellow students in several lounge areas of the College. Enjoy the East Peoria Campus Student Center area, which houses a large student lounge, art gallery, study area, special meeting rooms, and offices for student organizations. In addition, study areas are located throughout the East Peoria Campus Academic Building and on the third-floor bridge. Lounge areas are also available at the Peoria Campus in Arbor and Birch Halls, and at ICC Pekin.

Transfer Center

East Peoria Campus CC 204 • (309) 694-5733

The Transfer Center prepares students for a successful transfer to a four-year institution. The Center has a variety of resources available to provide students with pertinent transfer information. In addition, the Center hosts visits by representatives from four-year institutions. Each fall semester, the Transfer Center sponsors Transfer Day, which brings representatives from a variety of public and provide four-year colleges and universities to the campus. Please visit the Transfer Center website for more information at


The ICC website is a vast resource of valuable information to the ICC student. It contains information such as the course catalog, class schedules, registration information, and the various student services available to ICC students. Do you want to find out about an event on campus? Access information that your instructor has put on the web in addition to what is provided in class? Find an online course that suits your schedule? It’s all available at Students are automatically provided a free email account, access to online courses, and a student login to ICC’s network.