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Applied Piano II

Course Prerequisite

Concurrent enrollment in one of the following ensembles: MUS 130, 230, 131, 231, 132, 232, 134, 234, 137, 237, 138, 238, 164, and 264; two semesters of MUS 217; and department approval.

Course Description

Applied Piano II provides continuing individual study for the piano student planning to major in music. The student is expected to register for applied piano each semester. This course should be taken after two semesters of MUS 217 Applied Piano I and must be taken with concurrent enrollment in a large ensemble. It can be repeated three times for credit.

Credit Hours


Course Credit Type

Transfer Course (TC)

CIP Code Classification


Lecture Hours per week (full semester)


Lab hours per week (full semester)


Course Typically Offered ~

Fall Spring

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